A Letter

A Letter

Dear Followers,

I’ve decided to streamline this blog, ‘Japanese History Enthusiast’ in different ways. There are a lot of links
on this site to many of my original articles on Suite 101. However, Suite 101 is closed now and some of my
articles have been lost. For several weeks I will redo articles with no extra links to them.

Over the last three years I’ve gladly branched out to add book reviews of Asian American novels and Chinese
and Korean literature to this blog. Now, I think it’s best to have two blogs: My present blog will be renamed
‘Japanese Culture Enthusiast’ Meanwhile, I’ve begun a new blog, ‘Kamakura Mirror Micropoetry’ including tanka,
haiku and short poetry posts with articles on poets and poetry. In addition, I’m thinking of moving my Asian
history and literature articles, plus my Asian American book reviews to Good Reads.

Thanks for commenting and reading my articles and book reviews.

Keep in touch,

Carmen Sterba (forever an enthusiast of history and poetry in Asia)